Missing My Mom

Missing My Mom I know that Death is a part of Life, and everyone will die eventually…. just because it is a fact of life, doesn’t mean it’s any less painful to think about the whole ordeal that is Death. It has been 6 months to the day since my Mom died. This’ll be my first Christmas without her. Sure there were plenty of times in the past where we weren’t together at Christmas. Like when she was living in Florida, and I was here in Kentucky. But at least back then we could write letters, and call each other. … Continue reading Missing My Mom

DVD Review: Iron Man The Complete 1994 Animated Series

DVD Review: Iron Man The Complete 1994 Animated Series Iron Man 1994 Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo (has some great sound effects) Video: Full Screen (1.33:1) (the video is grainy and dusty in some places but overall the DVD does the cartoon more justice then youtube quality) Voice Cast By Season: Season 1: Robert Hayes- Iron Man James Avery- War Machine Casey Defranco- Julia Carptener/Spiderwoman Ed Gilbert- The Mandarin Jim Cummings- M.O.D.O.C.K. Tony Steedman- Justin Hammer Neil Ross- Fin Fang Foom Season 2: Robert Hayes- Iron Man Dorian Harewood- War Machine Jennifer Hale- Julia Carpenter/Spiderwoman Robert Ito- The Mandarin Jim Cummings- M.O.D.O.C.K. … Continue reading DVD Review: Iron Man The Complete 1994 Animated Series

Transformers 25th Anniversary Matrix of Leadership Edition DVD Set

TRANSFORMERS 25TH ANNIVERSARY THE MAXTRIX OF LEADERSHIP EDITION COLLECTORS DVD SET: Growing up in the 80’s was awesome! I don’t think I’d want to grow up in any other decade. When I was a kid I was into a ton of cartoons. Then again what kid isn’t? I was all about Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo (and Scrappy too), Mighty Mouse, Voltron, Thundercats (and to a lesser extent Silverhawks), He-Man, She-Ra, G.I. Joe somewhat, but the cartoon that had me at hello (YES I USED A JERRY MAGUIRE REFERENCE GET OVER IT!) was Transformers! I have no idea why I was … Continue reading Transformers 25th Anniversary Matrix of Leadership Edition DVD Set

TFTM Mystery Solved!!!!

Posted this in the Episode 16 Thread of The TFG1Podcast forum on PredaconEmpire… thought it would be interesting to see. Another reason why I’m putting this out there is because on the 20th Anniversary DVD the Autobot Matrix pop up trivia states these assumptions to be fact. I’ve solved the mystery of what defeated cons were reformed as whom: in this image from left to right ya got Kickback, Thundercracker, and Shrapnel In this 1 all of the five are shown Thundercracker = Scourge Shrapnel & Kickback = The Sweeps Bombshell & Skywarp = Cyclonus & His Armada So the … Continue reading TFTM Mystery Solved!!!!

Yearning For A Timeless Time Period

Lately I’ve been getting nostalgic for a time when everything was so much easier. As I’ve stated before I’m a child of the 80’s and nowadays everything seems no much different than it was then. I do have my mom here in KY now and that’s great and all, but I do miss the family being all together in one state. Granted today Massachusetts is too expensive for me to live there. However it remains my one true home. Since leaving in 1993 a lot has changed in the past 15 years. WOW it is sooooo crazy that it’s been … Continue reading Yearning For A Timeless Time Period