For nearly a Year now The Pull Bag has been going strong, you can subscribe via iTunes or from the RSS Feed The Pull Bag will be doing an entire month to selected Marvel Comics Trades. We are calling it MARVELOUS MARCH! In the first annual MARVELOUS MARCH we will be exploring trades from these five characters: The Pull Bag MARVELOUS MARCH Exclusive Podcast Art! Episode 61: Captain America & Hulk – Man Out of Time and Planet Hulk Episode 62: Spider-Man – Spider-Man Blue and Spider-Man: Return of the Black Cat Episode 63: Iron Man – Extremis and Armor … Continue reading The Pull Bag – MARVELOUS MARCH NEEDS YOU!

TFG1Mike’s 2013 Christmas List

CHRISTMAS LIST 2013: First off let me say that I DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING FROM ANYONE. But it would be nice to be able to have these comics gifted to me. Specifically so I can read, then review them on my podcast The Pull Bag. Which is The GeekCast Radio Network’s comic book review and discussion podcast. All of the comics listed are for special events that The Pull Bag has planned in March, May, and July 2014. The best place I’ve found them as far as price is Star Wars: Blood Ties – A Tale of Jango and … Continue reading TFG1Mike’s 2013 Christmas List