Missing My Mom

Missing My Mom I know that Death is a part of Life, and everyone will die eventually…. just because it is a fact of life, doesn’t mean it’s any less painful to think about the whole ordeal that is Death. It has been 6 months to the day since my Mom died. This’ll be my first Christmas without her. Sure there were plenty of times in the past where we weren’t together at Christmas. Like when she was living in Florida, and I was here in Kentucky. But at least back then we could write letters, and call each other. … Continue reading Missing My Mom


TFG1Mike’s LIFE UPDATE: So recently my life has taken several downward spirals. You can read¬†that HERE. It’s been 16 years since I’ve really had to make life changes, these drastic, big, earth shattering life changes. I’m the type of person that when I get settled, I like staying settled. My Uncle Richard did say he’d help me with first, last month’s rent wherever I ended up…. but I’m still gonna need help past that, because most places these days have apt hold fees, plus application fees etc etc. My wonderful friend Nicole set up a Fundly fundraiser for me. You … Continue reading TFG1Mike’s LIFE UPDATE


CATCHING A BREAK AIN’T FOR ME APPARENTLY. So from February 28th to March 16th of this year… I was incredibly blessed with the generosity of others, when I asked you my friends, fans, and all you other people for monetary help. With the help of my good friend Optibotimus back then because he matched whatever was donated to me I raised $356.00 for my Mom and I. You can read all about that HERE I was and still am overwhelmed at the generosity shown towards my Mom and I. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED! I’m here to report though … Continue reading TFG1Mike NEEDS YOUR HELP!


UPDATE: My good friend Optibotimus has said he’ll match any donations up to $500.00. See what he wrote here:¬†https://www.facebook.com/TeamBotimus/posts/865811056801168 So far in donations I’ve raised $128.00…. Optibotimus the friend that he is did match it and we raised a total of $256.00…. but I do need more…. I did get another $50.00 donation bring the grand total up to $306.00 Here’s the story. READ ON for the reasoning why I need help! WHEN YOU FALL OUTTA THE SKY THE LANDING HURTS LIKE HELL!!! PLEASE NOTE I NEED HELP MY FRIENDS! WHAT YOU’LL FIND BELOW IS THE REASONING FOR ME NEEDING … Continue reading TFG1MIKE NEEDS HELP!


Puggles For Sale I’ve been a huge supporter of CallyKariShokka and her puggle creations. I still am to this day! Whether they be Puggleformers or regular puggles. I have collected over 40 puggles from Cally since about 2008-2009. Sadly my mom and I are struggling so much right now we need money for so many things…. tops on the list are: – Biopsy for the Dog – new tires for mom’s car – Food and other everyday needs So with Cally’s permission and with a heavy heart I sadly have to sell off my entire puggle collection. I’m only keeping … Continue reading PUGGLE-PUGGLEFORMERS SOLD OUT!!!


For nearly a Year now The Pull Bag has been going strong, you can subscribe via iTunes or from the RSS Feed The Pull Bag will be doing an entire month to selected Marvel Comics Trades. We are calling it MARVELOUS MARCH! In the first annual MARVELOUS MARCH we will be exploring trades from these five characters: The Pull Bag MARVELOUS MARCH Exclusive Podcast Art! Episode 61: Captain America & Hulk – Man Out of Time and Planet Hulk Episode 62: Spider-Man – Spider-Man Blue and Spider-Man: Return of the Black Cat Episode 63: Iron Man – Extremis and Armor … Continue reading The Pull Bag – MARVELOUS MARCH NEEDS YOU!