All About TFG1Mike From The Geek Cast Radio Network

Well let’s see… I grew up in Kingston, Massachusetts lived there til I was 13 then moved to Kentucky. Talk about a culture shock, but I’ve adjusted and for the most part like living here. however at times it can get boring. I’m a geek, by that I mean I “geekout” about everything that I have a passion for. Such as Transformers… I would call myself a rabid fanboy but in some instances I am. Currently I’m the co-creator of a new podcasting network call The Geek Cast Radio Network or GCRN for short. Our podcasts include:

All Things Transformers

The Beast Unleashed Podcast

The Geek Cast Radio Podcast


MWIRE: Movie Week In Review

The Secret Origins Podcast

The TFG1 Podcast



I got into podcasting at the end of 2008 and I’m loving doing it. In real life when I’m not on the internet I’m a Live In Resident for a local group home here in Louisville KY.


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