So from February 28th to March 16th of this year… I was incredibly blessed with the generosity of others, when I asked you my friends, fans, and all you other people for monetary help. With the help of my good friend Optibotimus back then because he matched whatever was donated to me I raised $356.00 for my Mom and I. You can read all about that HERE

I was and still am overwhelmed at the generosity shown towards my Mom and I. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED! I’m here to report though that things have gotten WORSE. AND I NEED HELP AGAIN!!!

If you’d like to help send to my paypal which is

Since April 29, 2015 my Mom has been in the hospital. She went in complaining of shortness of breath or not being able to breathe at all and she also said she felt paralyzed. While in the hospital they told her she had THIS!

And then a week later they said she had Bronchitis. So from 4-29 through 5-8 2015 Mom was in the hospital. On Friday May 8th they needed to discharge her to a rehab facility. We thought that Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. would be the easiest choice for me to be able to come see her on my own. For me it’s a 15-20 min walk. It turns out WE NEVER SHOULD have sent her there! You can see Kindred Bashford HERE!

These people shouldn’t be in the medical profession at all!!!! They gave her the night-time meds during the day, and they always give her meds without food. Which screws her stomach up severely. While in there because they either weren’t giving her the meds or gave them to her incorrectly. This affected her sugars. So the place automatically assumed that she is now Diabetic. UH NO….. IF YOU HAD GIVEN HER THE MEDS PROPERLY then her sugars would be fine!!!!

So after a week of being at this “nursing home” she was sent back to the hospital because she was coughing up blood and puking blood, and couldn’t breathe at all. They are now running tests on her as I write this.

For those that don’t know I was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy. All that it hinders me from doing is driving. My right hand and foot are smaller than my left hand and foot, and they turn in slightly. So it’s a very mild case.

With my Mom in the hospital all throughout May I’ve had to walk everywhere to get our financial stuff done. You know going to the bank, getting rent paid, getting our Dog’s needs met, and more. IF I had the money I’d have taken cabs to these places, but I didn’t have the extra cash to spend on a Cab. So walking was the only option. Luckily everywhere I NEEDED to go is right within walking distance of our apartment. I can and do use the public transportation bus line when I need to go anywhere that’s outside of the walking distance to our apartment.

The problem I’m having is a cash flow one. I get $733.00 a month from SSI after Rent, Electric, Cable, laundry, and food there isn’t much left. Mom gave me some of her money so I can take care of our dog Snowwhite. The problem there is I don’t drive, and she needs her nails trimmed. All the mobile pet groomers I’ve called will not come out just for a nail trim, and the cheapest full grooming package is $75.00.

With all the stress I’ve been under in the past 3 weeks I haven’t wanted to do anything podcasting wise. Also I’m finding that I’ll run out of Food by this weekend. Between Mom and I we normally spend $200.00 each on food every month.

I just wish there was something I could do for my Mom other than just being here listening to her problems. I know listening is all I can give her at the moment, but I just wish she would get better sooner rather than later. She has NEVER in all my life been this sick.

MOM UPDATE: She had viral pneumonia since this past wednesday May 13th she had been coughing up and puking blood.

As of 7:45pm eastern time 5-16-15 they transferred her to the Critical Care Unit at Baptist Hospital East. She has been intubated to help her breathe. They tell me that they don’t know if she’ll make it or not…. All they say is the next 12 hours are critical. So I have no idea if she’ll live or die. This IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!

MOM UPDATE #2: Monday May 18, 2015 4:10pm Eastern Time my Mom Kathy Blanchard has passed away. I had spent two hours with her today after they took her off the machines, and she was fighting on her own, but coughing up blood every 10 minutes doesn’t help with trying to breathe on your own.

I’m in the process of talking with several people on how to handle the final arrangements. At least now she isn’t in anymore pain. OH GOD! The Final Arrangements have all been taken care of now, and I have my mom’s ashes. 

So Internet if you want to help I’d very much appreciate it. You can find my paypal address at the beginning of this post. Thank you to everyone who has helped me and my mom in the past. And thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes and prayers our way.


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