For nearly a Year now The Pull Bag has been going strong, you can subscribe via iTunes or from the RSS Feed

The Pull Bag will be doing an entire month to selected Marvel Comics Trades. We are calling it MARVELOUS MARCH! In the first annual MARVELOUS MARCH we will be exploring trades from these five characters:

The Pull Bag MARVELOUS MARCH Exclusive Podcast Art!


Episode 61: Captain America & Hulk – Man Out of Time and Planet Hulk


Episode 62: Spider-Man – Spider-Man Blue and Spider-Man: Return of the Black Cat


Episode 63: Iron Man – Extremis and Armor Wars

TPB63_MM-Iron Man

Episode 64: Wolverine – Wolverine and Old Man Logan


Now with this SPOTLIGHT MONTH comes additional costs. I spend on average per month $55-$95 in order to get material for The Pull Bag. This is my monthly amount I spend on comics. With that cost in mind, MARVELOUS MARCH will cost me an additional $98.37 through The good thing about that is it includes FREE Shipping. You can see my cart in the image below:

InStocking Marvelous March

I am very grateful for anyone who has gotten me anything over the years for review on the GCRN. It would be greatly appreciated if someone would gift this amount to me for my birthday coming up on February 9th…. OR if someone has the books and wants to let me borrow them, that’d be great. We’d just pay shipping on either end.

I’m very excited to be reading and reviewing these comics inside The Pull Bag! I hope the listeners and fans will enjoy the spotlight. If you wish to send the money needed to make Marvelous March happen, or if you wish to let me borrow the above titles, please send an email to with MARVELOUS MARCH donation in the subject line.

I can’t wait to bring you guys and gals this spotlight, and future MARVEL content inside The Pull Bag!

The Pull Bag Banner Art #1


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