Geek Cast Radio Network Is Everywhere


I’ve been podcasting for almost 2 years. Steve and I created The Geek Cast Radio Network of podcasts last June. We have had feedback here and there, and have had awesome collaborations with This Week In Geek Chicken Pop Pod The Lunch Table Podcast Rebooted The 80’s Cartoon Podcast TF Radio and Radio Free Cybertron I’ve had the pleasure of working with Derrick Ferguson of Better In The Dark on MWIRE and Geek Cast Radio. You can find Better In The Dark at and


Last week I got an email from Krista Kangas of Considered Careers asking if she could reair the ToonCast/All Things Transformers interview of Tara Strong on her radio show. She explained that she likes to inform people about getting into different professions. I said as long as you plug the website and the podcasts that the interview was on sure. You can find it at or at her school’s radio station website which is

Then to top that off after our Maurice LaMarche interview was released the people over at gave us a shout out and transcribed part of what Mr. LaMarche said about his role in Batman Arkham Asylum 2 on the interview Kevin Thompson and I did with him.

I bet you wondering why I’m writing all this right? Well when feedback or plugs for our stuff shows up other places it makes me very happy that we as a podcasting network are getting out there in the world. We also would like to thank any and all the people that have left us iTunes feedback, that really helps.

It also surprises me of the friendships and co hosts that we have gotten on our podcasts. Geeks like Michael Wilson Lupis Convoy from the TFW2005 podcast The Goddamn Protoman a TF Fandom legend! And so many more.

We have 11 podcasts that we produce on our own from movies, TV, cartoons, to general geeky discussions. There is something for everyone. So spread the word tell your friends and…………………………………….



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