TFTM Mystery Solved!!!!

Posted this in the Episode 16 Thread of The TFG1Podcast forum on PredaconEmpire… thought it would be interesting to see.

Another reason why I’m putting this out there is because on the 20th Anniversary DVD the Autobot Matrix pop up trivia states these assumptions to be fact.

I’ve solved the mystery of what defeated cons were reformed as whom:

in this image from left to right ya got Kickback, Thundercracker, and Shrapnel

In this 1 all of the five are shown

Thundercracker = Scourge

Shrapnel & Kickback = The Sweeps

Bombshell & Skywarp = Cyclonus & His Armada

So the mystery is solved. It took me 2 hours to get the screencaps of this when I did it. Resaon being is that hadta get the right frames in.


3 thoughts on “TFTM Mystery Solved!!!!

    1. no it isn’t a animation error trust me I’ve watched frame by frame time after time. Although I dunno why Bombshell became Cyclonus, maybe it’s just the way the animation models were done.

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