Behind The Smokey Glass: An Album Review of Lifehouse’s “Smoke & Mirrors”

Behind The Smokey Glass:

An Album Review of Lifehouse’s “Smoke & Mirrors”

Ten years ago I was lost in my music listening. The 80’s were gone and the 90’s were filled with Boy Bands and stuff I really didn’t want to hear. One afternoon in Hanover Massachusetts I had the local Mix Radio station on. I heard a song called Hanging By A Moment, now this was the first time I’d heard this song. It was great in my opinion keep in mind I was a kid that grew up in the 80’s. Growing up with bands like Hall & Oates, Duran Duran, Wang Chung, and more. I found out later that it was by a band called Lifehouse off their debut album No Name Face. This song was so catchy and sounded awesome. I immediately tracked the new album down and bought the CD.

Ten years later Lifehouse is still going strong with their 5th studio album “Smoke & Mirrors”. This new album proves to bring the studio sounds of the band and the energy from their live shows together. With this new adventure for the band I think they hit one outta the park. From the first track All In which really does a good job of being the lead off track. To the seductive hard edge of Nerve Damage. They pull you into this new album very well. Let’s not forget the first single off this album Halfway Gone which is a very radio friendly pop rock tune. This is much in the vain of Lifehouse’s past singles. The best two examples I can give you is Hanging By a Moment from No Name Face and Disarray  from their 2007 album Who We Are. Then they slow it down just a little for the song It Is What It Is which is a favorite of mine. You can really tell the maturity of the band between this album and their first one ten years ago.

If you buy The Deluxe Edition through iTunes you get the experience of iTunes LP with Liner notes track by track commentaries by the band and more. I actually like the album so much I bought it twice. The iTunes download and the actual 2 Disc CD set. People can say what they want about Lifehouse but I believe that they are a very good band for the sound that they have. Smoke & Mirrors is a awesome listen. I can listen to the entire thing from the first track to the last.

To close this review I’m gonna quote another review:

“In stepping back to look at the career trajectory of the band, Smoke & Mirrors certainly proves that Lifehouse is no longer simply hanging by a moment after five albums.” -Reg Seeton


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