A Poem For Crystal on Valentine’s Day


I can’t wait to spend valentine’s day with you. I love you! Here’s a poem just for you.

Soul Mates

I’ve had crushes over the years

I’ve shed so many tears.

Trying not to show my fears

Tempting fate to find my soul mate

On a Sunday afternoon in an online game

I found her name

And we are somewhat the same

Birthdays exactly one month apart

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her

She fell for me then I fell for her

We are in love

And we will be forever soul mates

I gave her my heart

She gave me hers

We are each other’s best friend

Because we are soul mates

I’ve seen in my dreams

The life we will have together

She makes my heart melt

I’ve never felt this way before

But we are forever soul mates.


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