The Mighty Muggs Obsession!

It started with Transformers! I’m not sure where or when or why I saw Transformers Mighty Muggs. I now have all of the currently released TF Mighty Muggs. These things are awesome. While they are not your general type of toy I see them as a collector’s item. Below is a list of all the ones I currently have and/or recently bought myself:

Currently Owned Transformers Mighty Muggs:

Optimus Prime (G1)

Megatron (G1)

Soundwave (G1)

Bumblebee (G1)

Starscream (G1)

Grimlock (G1)

Shockwave (G1)

Jazz (G1)

Optimus Prime (Movie)

Bumblebee (Movie)

Basically I caught them all! lol

Recently Bought Marvel Mighty Muggs:

Human Torch

Wolverine (Yellow Spandex)


Marvel Mighty Muggs I Want:

Iron Man

Iron Man (Movie)

Ghost Rider


Black Suited Spider-Man



Silver Surfer


Captain America

Captain America (Ultimate)


Dr. Doom

Doc Ock



I know I’m obsessed with these… but they are just soooooo damn cool. People can say what they want about these, but you can’t help but love em. As far as the Transformers fans that argue they are non transforming transformers. Well I’ll agree, but who cares if they transform again they are awesome. I’m so happy that all the TF mighty mugs are in my TF toy collection now. And thanks to the YouTube Show Superhero Muggs I want all the marvel mugs too!!! You can see what I’m talking about by following this link:

Even though on past episodes of ToyCast I’ve bashed the G1 Bumblebee Mighty Mugg I still think they are all done very well. I also recently bashed the movie versions of Prime and Bumblebee in another ToyCast episode. While I stand by my opinion of those ones, it doesn’t make me not like the Mighty Muggs Brand. I can’t really say why I like them, I guess it boils down to the fact that they are awesome mini representations of the characters that we know and love.


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