Justice League Complete Series DVD Review

Justice League: The Complete Series

DVD Review

First before I get into the specifics of this new set I’d like to give a little background on my history with the Justice League Cartoon. I like most people knew about Batman The Animated Series and Superman The Animated Series. However when I first saw Batman Beyond I was like huh what the heck is this? After catching a few Batman Beyond episodes here and there I stopped watching cartoons for a number of years. Don’t look at me like that… there was stuff going on with me that I had to deal with.

In late 2005 I caught up with Justice League and again I was like holy crap where’d this come from? I soon saw all the episodes that ran on Cartoon Network and subsequently Boomerang. When I searched to see if the show was on DVD to my surprise it was. I picked up all the Season sets and was just amazed with the cartoon.

Then earlier this year I heard that Superman The Animated Series and Justice League were getting the Complete Series DVD treatment, much like Batman The Animated Series did. I was super excited about this and even though I already had the Season sets I wanted this thing. It was so awesome that all 91 episodes were going to be available in one boxed set.

The DVD Set Itself:

OK now don’t go saying that your happy with your season sets of Justice League and that only one bonus feature won’t change your mind about not buying this. First off it comes in a outer TIN packaging. Secondly, there are 2 booklets covering each volume of the set. The first volume’s booklet has a forward by Bruce Timm himself! What are the drawbacks you might ask well there are a few… number one being they basically took the discs from the seasons sets and put them in this. On Discs 3 & 4 of Season 2 of JL there are four episodes that are backwards.

In the booklet season 2 disc 3 reads as the last 2 episodes:

Hereafter Part One

Hereafter Part Two

Then disc 4 of season 2 lists the first 2 episodes as:

Secret Society Part One

Secret Society Part Two

I’m not sure if this is a error on the discs or the booklet. I’m thinking it’s the booklet that is wrong. It’s not a huge gripe, but it does get confusing a bit. The other problem with the set when I opened it Seasons 1 & 2 of JLU were in the Volume One package and vice versa. This isn’t really a huge issue again just switch the DVD sleeve art and booklets. However it was kind of jarring to me, because I expected it to be in the right order.

To summarize this is the best way to have the Justice League cartoon I think. Ohhhhh before I forget the 15th disc which is the bonus has I believe a 15-30min special called United Reserve: Exploring The Depths Of The DC Universe. This I believe is brand new footage with Bruce Timm and Company talking in depth about characters and the way the show progressed etc etc.

Below are images of the set sorry that some are blurred my hands were shaking from being cold:

Tin Cover Front:

Tin Cover Back:

Tin Cover Spine (which I think is very cool that there’s an edge to it):

Front of Volumes 1 & 2 Cases:

Back Of Volumes 1 & 2 Cases:

Here’s where the blurriness comes in

Left and Right Side Inner Art of Volume One:

Left and Right Side Inner Art Volume Two:

Overall I give the set a 10/10 because mainly for all the art and the tin case and the forward by Bruce Timm and plus I love this cartoon!


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