Podcasting: The Evolution Of Radio



The Evolution Of Radio

Many people have heard either myself or my friend Steve “Megatron” Phillips talk of our podcasting experience. For some odd reason in this post I feel like writing about the experience from being a standalone podcaster to Steve and I creating The GeekCast Radio Network. It all began back in November/December of 2008. I had an idea for doing a review style podcast on the Generation 1 Transformers cartoon. It was based much in the vein of Michael David Sims and James Deaux’s World’s Finest Podcast. So The TFG1 Podcast started December 12th 2008. I will fully admit I was scared beyond words when I started. Even though I enjoy and love the 80’s Transformers cartoon, I always thought of podcasting as like radio for the internet. Meaning that you had be proper and professional broadcaster. I soon learned that any joe schmoe  with a headset can podcast. So nine episodes in I decide t6hat I need a co host, because lets face it those first 9 episodes are horrid. I bring in Steve/Megatron and we have good rapport and have common interests. So the talking and reviewing continued. Episodes 11-13 are where I decided to drastically reformat the show. As I’ve said before it needed it badly. Steve and I were doing crossovers with his podcast All Things Transformers and we were talking about the future after TFG1. He had an idea for a movie review podcast, which had sat on the back burner for some time. By Episode 14 of TFG1 I brought in another friend who was a listener of the show. Michael Wilson. This added a comedy element to TFG1 that I hadn’t forseen at all.

The TFG1 Podcast When The TFG1 Podcast hit Episode 16 which was to be Transformers: The Movie review wow was that a big’un. Through my other podcasting friend Mike “The Birdman” Dodd I was able to score a interview with Stan Bush the master behind the music in TFTM. That was then the highlight of my life. If you told me 5 years ago that I’d be interviewing Stan Bush I would have passed out from laughing so hard. So Episode 16 was a 3 hour 58 minute extravaganza featuring Steve/Megatron Mike Dodd, Michael Wilson, Optimus Scourge, and Kevin Thompson. These were all separate clips because they were recorded at different times. It was a great joy to work with them all. After the 16th episode Michael and I continued throughout Season 3 then Rebirth bringing in Steve/Megatron when we could. I truly believe Episodes 17-24 are the funniest episodes of TFG1. The TFG1 Podcast was originally slated to take two years of my life through podcasting. However I finished it back in July of this year. I don’t think it was rushed at all. Besides Steve and I had ideas popping out of our brains left and right.


First up a friend of mine on twitter came up with the idea of a retro cartoon review podcast, but he backed out at the last minute due to personal reasons. I went ahead with the idea which steamed from This Week In Geek’s coverage of Disney Afternoon cartoons. Thus ToonCast was born and it was running concurrent with TFG1. June 1st 2009 saw the birth of www.geekcastradio.com the new home for all our podcasting endeavors. ToonCast’s launch had actually been moved up the show wasn’t slated to start until August 1st 2009. There were extenuating circumstances as to why that is. I think it was because we wanted to get that show going. So All Things Transformers which I joined in episode 9, TFG1, and ToonCast. Three shows at once all running concurrent to each other. You might read this and say we are nuts, crazy, and other names similar. Well you might be right, however at the time ToonCast was just getting it’s legs and TFG1 was running already. July 11th 2009 was the next big launch date for us. That’s when we had Steve “Snowball” Saylor on for the premiere of MWIRE- Movie Week In Review. In the premiere episode we talked about the Back To The Future Trilogy.

But before we get into MWIRE and all that it entails there’s cartoons to be talked about. When I took the idea of ToonCast and ran with it I never expected it to be what it is currently. I started it out with the premise that it would be “Cartoons We Grew Up With” and that is still the premise. We mainly focused in the beginning on cartoons from the 80’s. Shows like He-Man, Thundercats, Silverhawks, etc etc….. We also covered our favorite 90’s cartoons like Anamanics and Tiny Toon Adventures. At first I thought ToonCast was going to be myself and GeekOfTodd, then I got an email from Kevin Thompson saying he loved classic cartoons. I was more apt to go with Kevin on the cohosting then Todd just because in the few episodes that Todd is on he didn’t have much to say and the toons we were covering aired before he was even born. So Kevin and I took off with my other friend Duyahn Walker. Duyahn is featured on ToonCast from episodes 2-6. After which Kevin and I took the ball and ran for the basket. Episode 10 marked the longest podcast episode I’d yet done. This was our big He-Man and She-Ra show. It ran a little over 4 hours. ToonCast has reached up to 22 episodes as of this writing. Currently Episodes 21 and 22 have yet to air, but they will this week. Doing this show is like a trip back in time with Doc Brown and Marty in the Delorean. Kevin has been absent from Episode 14-22, but he will be back. I’ve had to search and search each week for guest hosts. Because as you all know from those dreaded first 9 episodes of TFG1 I’m not good at the solo podcasting deal. We’ve had some great guests on the show in Kevin’s absence first it was Mike Dodd on Episode 15, then Chris Stapleton on Episode 16, Episode 17 featured Derrick Ferguson of Better in The Dark, in Episode 18 Steve/Megatron broke his ToonCast cherry as we got dangerous with Darkwing Duck, Episode 19 was our marvel cartoons retrospective featuring r3drand0mh3r0, The huge episode 20 featured Ron “Aalgar” Watt and Matt RowBotham of the Sarcastic Voyage Podcast, episode 21 featured thetelevixen where we talked about the Jetsons and the flintstones, and coming Halloween night episode 22 featuring pecanctmichael as we talk about the great pumpkin.


Back to July 11th there is a hidden reason why I wanted MWIRE to premiere that day…. That was the day the iPhone 3G was released. Cheesy I know, but it has a nice ring to it for the anniversary remembrance. After all I wasn’t gonna make it September 11th that would just be wrong. A movie review podcast was an idea Steve had way back when he was still doing War Stories for TFWIRE. It just never got past the idea phase I guess. So this was yet another Mike takes the idea and runs with it. Not to say that I “stole” the idea from Steve, I just manifested the schedule and came up with the somewhat format we have. MWIRE is Steve and I talking and reviewing movies. We have brought on several guest hosts and will in the future. So far MWIRE has 16 episodes and we are still going strong. Currently we are in our Marvel Spotlight where we are covering a majority of the current Marvel films. We have tons of holiday shows prepped and ready to give you the listeners. I currently have MWIRE scheduled through 2013…. Whether or not Steve and I do MWIRE that long is debatable, but for the foreseeable future we will be talking movies every week.

The Beast Unleashed Podcast

Next up after The TFG1 Podcast ended I got the idea of reviewing the Beast Wars/Beast Machines cartoons. This would be in the same vein as TFG1 but with Steve, Michael, and I talking about the Beast cartoons. So The Beast Unleashed Podcast was unveiled, however it has not been launched yet. The reason for that you might ask? Well that is because I currently only have Beast Machines DVDs. I need the three season sets of Beast Wars. I’ll be talking more about this podcast once 2010 hits, because the original plan was to have this launch this year. Unfortunately that won’t be happening and we are pushing it back til next year. We are overloaded with all the other shows at this time.

Transformers ToyCast Round 1

A idea of mine that has blown up was Transformers: ToyCast. This was an idea I had from when I guested on Transformers: Animated S.M.R.T.Cast…. they were wondering where they should go next. One of the hosts mentioned a transformers news podcast. I kinda shot that down because there are too many TF news podcasts out there. I said why not come up with a original idea. The idea I had was TF collectors getting together and talking about the toys in their collections. It is basically youtube videos without the video. It’s more of friends getting together playing with their toys. We currently have 22 episodes of this show and it’s ever growing. As of episode 22 we have brand new Halloween themed artwork. This came about by Michael Wilson wanting a freddy kruger based TF. Malunis came up with the initial design then Michael improved on it. You can see the new art below:

Hallow TFToyCast 2

Steve created Headshot as a venting very RAW show where he and I sometimes will rant on shit that has happened to us. Where we needed a forum outside of the themed based shows and could just let loose. This serves as our bitchin podcast. I know that sounds wrong. However Steve wanted a outlet to rant and the topic specific shows were not the place for that. So we give you HEADSHOT


There is also what we call the “flagship” show of GeekCast Radio. This is a show that covers everything else geek that the specific themed podcasts do not. Currently there are 5 episodes of this show. There are many more planned, we just are so busy with the other podcasts at the moment. GCR is reserved for very special occasions.


We have a 2 other shows that have been announced and have not launched yet. One will be a Justice League review podcast and the other will be a geek debate type of podcast. These shows are:

The Secret Origins Podcast



Overall I’m enjoying the podcasting thing. Wish it paid, but still very much enjoyable talking about a multitude of topics. I always wanted to work on air at a radio station, but with podcasting I think that radio has become obsolete these days. Podcasting you can do from home at any time whereas radio shifts are done at the station. Radio hasn’t been completely replaced though, but my local rock station just changed to a FM Talk format which SUCKS!!!!!

Podcasting is a great form of the everyday person being able to be “on air” even though it isn’t real radio type thing. Even though podcasting for the majority are not “live” shows the consistency of content for us here at The GeekCast Radio Network is there.

For those of you who have children I myself make explicit podcasts… I’m not going to speak for any of the fellow podcasters I have mentioned in this post, but podcasting allows me to curse when I feel the need to damnit! I use cursing as more of a point to the topic or emotion I’m feeling at the time.

I’m looking forward to many more years of podcasting. I would like to thank Steve and everyone that does all the hard work with us. I’d also like to thank the fans and listeners. Without you guys/gals we wouldn’t have the podcasting network we have now…………………….. so I leave you with this………………………….




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