Transformers ToyCast Wants You!




Hallow TFToyCast 2

That’s right we are planning for episode 25 and I had come up with a awesome idea. We need 20 TF toy collectors/fans to call in and leave us a one minute voicemail talking about their favorite toy. Or if you don’t want to call in you can record your own mp3 file and email it to us at It must be a maximum of one minute. Why you may ask well we need time for the intro outros etc etc… my goal is to have episode 25 run exactly 25 minutes long. Or somewhere near there. I think this is a cool idea for the 25th episode considering I never thought this show would last as long as it has.

So call in to the voicemail line which is 502-526-5821 or email your mp3’s to past and present co hosts are welcome to participate. The cutoff date for these is November 10, 2009…. So get to sending the emails and voicemails people!


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