Beyond The Knight Presents: Knight Theories Part I

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Beyond The Knight Presents:

Knight Theories

Part I:

The KITTs, KARRs, Knight’s, and Goliath


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After watching Goliath and Goliath Returns I had a few thoughts. And earlier this week I watched Trust Doesn’t Rust from the 80’s Knight Rider. And it got me thinking….

What if they put KARR’s personality in Goliath? I know that in the Goliath Returns episode they were going to transfer KITT’s CPU into Goliath. So it got me thinking how would it be if Garthe, KARR, and Goliath were a full on team? I’m not sure how a conversation between KARR and Garthe would go. KARR’s programming is self serving…. So if the Trust Doesn’t Rust episode is any indication he would probably kick Garthe to the curb than save him with himself. On the flipside KARR and Garthe would make a excellent team, because they both want to win. I’m going to have to watch the KITT Vs KARR ep before I finalize this theory.

Of course if you take the KARR from the 2008 Knight Rider Garthe could merge with him and they’d be a destructive force 100 times better then Goliath and Garthe ever were. Or you could theorize that Garthe and Adriana Margot from KR Original had a son and Garthe himself was frozen for 26 years then set free. The son could have the 2008 KARR and Garthe could have the original KARR. So you’d have Hero Father & Son in Michael Knight Sr & Jr in the KITT cars and then Garthe Knight Sr & Jr in the KARRS… wow that is an out there idea

KR2008 KARR #3

I’ve watched the KIIT Vs KARR and Knight To King’s Pawn both from the 80’s show and the 2008 show. After viewing those episodes the above theories of mine still stand I think. There could have been a true kickass Knight Rider Show if the above theory was written out into pilot or script form. Take the Original Heroes and Villains give them children,  pair them with KITT 2000, KITT 3000, KARR 2000, and KARR 3000. So you could still have Knight Sr and Garthe from the 80’s show at each other’s throats as well as their children being rivals. Again this is all speculation and wishful thinking on my part. But I think you could very much tie the KITTs, KARRs, Michael Knight Sr, Michael Knight Jr, Garthe Knight and whomever his son would be. That it would make a great controversial series.

Now for a theory on Deanna Russo as Sarah Graiman in Knight Rider 2008

I’m not sure if this is a production issue or Deanno Russo had some sort of disease but look at her in the pilot film then in episode 1 of the 2008 series. There’s a birthmark like spot on her neck that is very visible in the pilot film however in the first episode of the series it’s not there. So was this a film flub or what? Now that I look at the images it looks like she had it frozen off. Tell me your thoughts on this………

Sarah In The Pilot

Sarah in the Series #1


2 thoughts on “Beyond The Knight Presents: Knight Theories Part I

  1. THANK YOU. Someone besides me FINALLY decides to put K.A.R.R. in Goliath. I was starting to think I was the ONLY one to think that!

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