TweetDeck The Best Twitter Desktop Client Out There


The Best Twitter Desktop Client Out There


I’ve been on Twitter for about a year or so now. At first I just thought it was the website However I soon learned that there were a multitude of mobile and desktop applications for this new social networking tool. Then when I still had my iPhone I found Twitterrific, which was amazing. Twitterrific is the best mobile Twittering app in my opinion. After finding that, I found TweetDeck.

TweetDeck columns

TweetDeck is a desktop twittering application that allows you to group your friends into columns so if you have friends that are into Transformers you can make it so all their tweets are in 1 group. Say you have podcasters that you follow on twitter well they can be in a different group or column. Unlike twitter’s website and some of the other twittering clients TweetDeck is instantaneous. If someone sends you a mention or a direct message you see it immediately after they send it. Sometimes you will have to refresh the application though.

Overall I have had very few problems with TweetDeck. I actually like using TweetDeck as a instant messenger more then just a twitter app. I’d like to take this time to give my thoughts on the morons who say and think that twitter is just for telling everyone what you’re doing at that very moment. It’s for connecting with friends. While I admit you’ll have the type of idiots on there tweeting every second what they’re doing, but for the majority I find that it’s friends connecting with each other.

It’s also a good way to promote stuff. If you have a CD or book or podcast, whatever Twitter is an awesome place to promote those types of things. As a podcaster I find it’s a great way to get people to listen to the shows I do. As well as to inform them of new episodes. TweetDeck also allows you to connect with your Facebook account and dual post at both places. That’s awesome, because if your lazy like me and don’t feel like going to and logging in using TweetDeck to post status updates is a cool feature.

So if you want all your tweets in one place I recommend TweetDeck. It’s awesome and easy, you can even change the display color to what you like. Go to to get it.


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