BTK Presents: Who Did Michael Knight Knock Up?

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Beyond The Knight Presents:

Who’d Michael Really Knock Up?


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I’ve been watching the original show over the past 2 weeks and thinking about the following continuity…. Who is Mike Traceur’s real mother?  In the 2008 Pilot she is named Jenny, they seem to create a backstory that Michael Knight Sr wanted to be there for her and their son, but because of the responsibilities to FLAG he couldn’t.

Michael & Jennifer Knight

However with watching the original series and seeing the fact that Michael Knight’s true love is Stevie mainly throughout the original series, it’s very highly doubtful that Knight Sr would hook up with Jennifer Knight. The first and only time we see Jennifer Knight, Wilton’s daughter is in the episode Knight Of The Juggernaut. Before seeing her in that episode she is never mentioned. Not even in the Garthe Knight episodes is a sister mentioned. That for some odd reason reminds me of Star Wars and Luke not knowing that Leia is his sister.

Michael & Stevie

The way I would have liked to see it tied together between the two shows is that if you put a meeting between Michael & Stevie in between Let It Be Me and The Scent Of Roses. Even though Stevie didn’t look pregnant in Scent Of Roses they could’ve slept together at some point either in the episode or before it. The only problem with that theory is that she dies at the end of Scent Of Roses……. OK so my brain isn’t thinking this through. OK there’s this thought… they could have met up in between Let It Be Me and The Scent Of Roses done the deed and then you’d have a 9month difference between the two episodes. I think that works better.

The point is that I seriously doubt Michael hopped in the sack with Jennifer Knight. Even in the scene where Michael asks Stevie to marry him she tells him that he’s chosen a path in life in between happiness and unhappiness and she isn’t sure. To me this says that Michael Knight Jr. has already been born and maybe that he’s at the sitters or something. That could explain the absence of a child when we see Stevie at the restaurant performing when Devon calls on her.

Michael Holds Stevie Dying

The only problem with the Michael & Stevie make Michael Jr theory is that Stevie died in The Scent Of Roses. And when Michael Sr. tells Jr in the KR 2008 pilot that his mother loved him from the very first day. That would lead us to believe Traceur’s mother was someone Michael Knight fell in love with after Stevie. And that he was with her when she gave birth. This is very confusing, however it’s nice to theorize. Besides The Scent Of Roses SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FINAL EPISODE OF THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!!!!

Still the question remains who did Michael Knight knock up?


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