Beyond The Knight

BTK Top Left #1

Beyond The Knight

A Fanfiction For Knight Rider Fans

This will be a fanfic… my first fanfic writing actually. My goal is to bridge the gaps between the 1980’s Knight Rider and the 2008 reimaging of Knight Rider. I’ll be taking reference points from the following episodes of the original show:

Knight Of The Phoenix Parts 1 & 2

White Bird


Goliath Returns

Let It Be Me


Junk Yard Dog

Knight Of The Juggernaut

Killer KITT

The Scent Of Roses

I’ll be taking references from these episodes in the 2008 show:

Kitt Happens

The Pilot

A Knight In Shining Armor

Knight To King’s Pawn

Basically what I’ll be trying to do is bridge these episode continuities together… I’m not out to change any of the shows material, however I want to create a further story that has these episodes as a backstory.  Not sure when I’ll start writing this, but the idea popped into my head as I’m rewatching classic KR. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress.


4 thoughts on “Beyond The Knight

  1. So do am i correct in saying, no Mr. T?

    “I pitty the fool who don’t put me in their fanfic!”

  2. Kitt we have to get to the pier before the bomb explodes.
    But Micheal there’s a large black van with in our way.
    Turbo boost buddy!
    As they jump over the van, a large African man with a mo-hawk and a impossible amount of gold looks up and mudders, “I’m been hanging around Murdock took long”.

    ????meh all I got this mornnig

    1. that’ be cool… but haveta flush out the main story first…. right now it’s just in nplotting & planning stages… not really writing anything out just yet. Thanks for the support.

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