The Secret Origins Podcast Coming 2010 Needs Help!


The Secret Origins Podcast

I’ve planned the entire schedule of this Justice League Review Podcast. I even have a final title, as you can see from The above banner it is “The Secret Origins Podcast” A big Thanks goes out to Michael David Sims of for coming up with this title. The two artworks are to symbolize the different seasons of Justice League. I currently am still looking for a co host for the show. I would like to find someone who loves this cartoon just as much as I do. And I would like to keep the same co host throughout the entirety of the show. TSOP will run 25 episodes.

I also want to make this a enhanced podcast. I have taken screencaps of every JL/JLU episode and would like to place them during the discussions of said episodes. The problem is that I have no clue how to do this. If there’s anyone that is willing to help me with making The Secret Origins Podcast awesome and super cool. Please let me know. My email address is below


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