Wanting A Deskjob

Wow I haven’t updated or written a blog post in 2 months!…. Tikes!

Let’s see I’ve been super busy and depressed all at the same time. Working on the podcasts and our network has kept the depression at bay. Depression about what you might ask? Well since February I’ve been working at a job that pays me no $. Why you might ask, well they give me a free apartment. But I need a paying job damnit! and no I won’t work at McDonalds. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m not the type of person that can stand on my feet for 8+ hours a day.  Retail is out for the same reason. I’m not exactly educationally qualified for computer stuff and no Radio Station will hire me.

I’ve always wanted to work in Radio, I’ve always thought that being a Radio Station DJ was one of the best jobs in the world. Everywhere I’ve ever lived I’ve had the urge to befriend and hang around the DJ’s from whatever radio station I liked. Hence a local rock station or maybe an 80’s station.

Everyone knows this story by now, but when I first found podcasts on iTunes I just thought that they were online radio DJ’s that were on iTunes. However I soon found out that anyone with a headset and microphone could podcast. December 12, 2008 was the premiere date of my very first podcast. I wanted something to do in the style of one of my favorite podcasts. So in the vein of World’s Finest Podcast I created something that was near and dear to my heart. The TFG1 Podcast! For those who don’t know TFG1 stands for Transformers Generation 1 the classic very first Transformers cartoon. They wrought upon us fans the 25 year history we now have. So I wanted to dedicate a year to reviewing my favorite 80’s cartoon.

I was only going to review the US Continuity cartoon. I fully disavow the japanese continuity and believe that it doesn’t exist. So setting out on this goal I wanted to plan in advance by watching these cartoons that as a kid I loved a head of time. I wrote scripts, got screenshots from the shows, and getting artwork. But I knew nothing about the technical aspects of podcasting.

So I went searching for some poor giving soul that was technically a shmoe to peddle my podcast on. Hence I found my now friend Steve/Megatron. He is by far the opposite of the description above. We started talking about our favorite fandom that we had in common and after that we started doing podcasts together. He would guest on TFG1 and I would guest host on his show All Things Transformers. Eventually I’d become a full time co host on ATTF. Then we decided to embark on a podcasting adventure or nightmare, whichever you prefer to believe. June 1st 2009 saw birth of The GeekCast Radio Network. This actually started with Steve’s idea of wanting to do a movie review podcast. I thought that this was an awesome idea and soon my brain starting pumping out other shows we could do.

Even though The TFG1 Podcast is my crowning achievement breaking into the podcasting world…. I’m burnt out on discussing transformers cartoons. I wanted something different to discuss. As Transformers while a HUGE part of my geekiness wasn’t all I was interested in. So the GCRN came to life, and boy has it taken off. We currently have 5 active shows.

All five shows have releases this week. Pretty soon TFG1 will come to a close and while I’m sad at one aspect of my very first podcasting adventure coming to a close I truly believe as the G1 cartoon in the 80’s made me so happy. Doing this podcast has given me the same feeling that the 6 year old boy had when the cartoon was actually on TV. However just as the cartoon ended so must the podcast. I’d love to keep it going with maybe voice actors interviews but I don’t know if that would ever happen. With all the new shows that we are putting out I’m keeping myself busy.

However at the same time if some person would contact me about a work at home job that would be soooo awesome. have computer skills and can rant about pretty much anything and everything. Whether it’s the fact that Michael Bay raped my childhood or wanting David Hasselhoff to reprise his Knight Rider role on the silver screen. It doesn’t matter once I have a topic I can talk for hours, as well as adding in sound clips or effects that might be appropriate or inappropriate to the topic.

The fact remains is that I’d love to work from home. So I want a deskjob damnit!


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