Updating My Life

Yes I know I haven’t blogged in a while, just kinda been busy and everything and didn’t really feel like I had anything to say.

Having said that here’s my latest news…. The GeekCast Radio Network is coming along nicely. As I’m sure people have seen me post on twitter before it’s gonna be all kinds of awesome. I recently applied for a job at www.thisweekingeek.net fingers crossed I get it. I’ve been writing up a storm on www.iphonedocked.com I’m really enjoying doing that. just yesterday I finally upgraded from the iPhone 2G to the 3G. WOW  there is such a huge difference in the models. I’m loving the 3G especally the camera it’s 10 times better then the 2G. Just look:

My TFA Elite Guard EFF Sentinel #1

This is super awesome… I’ll be taking pictures of the apartment and more eventually. My podcasting portfolio is growning like a weed. Besides my own shows I’ve been on the following:

  • iPhoneDocked Podcast (upcoming 5/21/09)
  • Transformers: Animated SMRT Cast (Episodes 07 and 08 )

Even though I’m having some rough times financially overall. It will all turn out in the end. I’m having a blast making new friends online and interacting with them. On May 8th I released The TFG1 Podcast Episode 16: The TFTM Roundtable with Special Guest Interview of Stan Bush. This was supercool and totally awesome. You people reading this have no idea what a thrill it was for me to get to interview Stan. I had to like pinch my arm every five minutes to calm myself and not geek out on him. I mean hello this is the guy that brought us Optimus Prime’s theme for chrissakes!!!

When I first started this blog I wanted to achieve the same goal that Steve “Snowball” Saylor set for himself which was to write one blog post a day for a year. Well that hasn’t happened with me. I have no idea why but I want my blogs to be epic and awesome (not to say that his aren’t) however on mine I must really have to have a topic in my head to feel like flushing it out onto screen. Plus with all the podcasting and writing for iPhoneDocked I kinda have let this fall by the wayside. I assure everyone that may read this that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth… yet LOL.

I think I might get motivated today and move my living room around… I dunno yet though. This desk of mine is monsterous to move. So I think I’m going to end this update of my life for now… expect more blogs in the future. Also be sure to visit www.iPhoneDocked.com and www.geekcastradio.com as well as www.predaconempire.comThose are the main sites you will see my work on. Currently The GCRN is on hiatus but we will be back in June with all new awesome stuff. However I’m constantly writing for iPhoneDocked. You can also find me on twitter www.twitter.com/tfg1podcastas well as geekcast radio and beastunleashedpodcasts they are www.twitter.com/geekcastradio and www.twitter.com/beastunleashed If anyone that reads this wants to drop me an email please feel free to do so anytime. tfg1podcast@gmail.com


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