Yearning For A Timeless Time Period

Lately I’ve been getting nostalgic for a time when everything was so much easier. As I’ve stated before I’m a child of the 80’s and nowadays everything seems no much different than it was then. I do have my mom here in KY now and that’s great and all, but I do miss the family being all together in one state. Granted today Massachusetts is too expensive for me to live there. However it remains my one true home. Since leaving in 1993 a lot has changed in the past 15 years. WOW it is sooooo crazy that it’s been 15 years since I actually lived in Mass full time. Yeah there was the time when I moved back in 2001 but I was only there for a year and it was different even then. For example going grocery shopping here in KY sucks , up north it always was so much easier and cheaper. Plus they had everything I liked up there, like here in KY I can’t find Birch Beer to save my life!! Since being down here in Kentucky 3 family members have died from up north, my aunt Rose and my grandparents Eugene and Agnes. I miss all of them terribly.

While I do have a few exciting things happening in my life right now with my podcasting network taking off and everything I yearn for a time where it was all very simple and there were no complications. A time where you could actually turn on world news tonight and see good news items. I don’t think I’ve watched any news programs on TV since before Peter Jennings died. The news is just too depressing these days. While a lot of us Bostonians get a reputation for being rude and everything I must say the people here in KY are 20 times more rude then any Bostonian ever could be. Plis the people here are just “out there” it is fucking crazy what some of the people here do and say.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post, but I just felt that I needed to write these feelings out. It’s overwhelming to me how much has changed since I was 10 years old! As much as I enjoy flashing back to the 80’s and everything sometimes it hurts. #1 bgecause the entire family could get together and have a good time whenever they had the time. There were holidays at my Aunt Judy’s and my grandparents house, as well as mom and I hosting them at either our duplex apartment or later house on Grove Street. I guess tonight I just felt like being nostalgic, for one thing everytime I listen to my favorite 80’s band Hall & Oates I can’t help but think of my aunt Rose. That was one major connection we had together other then our love for The Boston Celtics team in 1986-1987. Boston Celtics 1986-1987 I think I’m going to end this before I end up not being able to see what I’m typing. I soooooo need a Time Machine!


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