GeekCast Radio Network

With The TFG1 Podcast being my entrance into the world of podcasting. I look back to the beginning of the show and realize how “green” I was then. I genuinely feel I’m an excellent talker on subjects I know just about and are passionate about, and Generation 1 and Transformers in general shouldn’t be any exception. But for the first 8-9 episodes of the show they were very rough and a lot of mistakes were made. Am I feeling sorry for them nah, things in my life kinda hit the fan after I started the podcast so I handled it the best I could and pressed on with the show. And through me starting this epically awesome Generation 1 fan wank I’ve met a lot of cool Transformers fans online and everything. I’ve now become a cogost on my friend Steve/Megatron’s podcast All Things Transformers and we have started our own podcasting network venture.

As you can tell by the image at the top of this post we have created The GeekCast Radio Network. It will consist of 6 podcasts currently.

All Things Transformers
The Beast Unleashed Podcast (September-December 2009 Premiere)
GeekCast Radio Podcast (August 9, 2009)
The MWIRE (July 11, 2009)
The TFG1 Podcast
ToonCast (August 1, 2009)

With the starg of these shows it’ll kick the network off with a bang! As well as introducing the new website I know Steve is super excited as well as I am. hopefully we can get our new brand name out there and bring in all kinds of awesome opportunities for ourselves. With the variety of shows we are bringing our opinions on these subjects into the mainstream. After 6 months come May 12th I’m kinda burnt out on Generation 1 talk. That’s one of the reasons why ToonCast will have no Transformers coverage at all. The other reason is that we already have dedicated TF Podcasts. Movie Week In Review will give us a chance to give our opinions on the movies we like or can’t stand. ToonCast is a rememberance of cartoons long forgotten in the here and now. GeekCast Radio will be anything else geek that isn’t covered in the genre specific shows. All kinds of fun will be had by all. Hopefuly we can get a few guest hosts and interviews in each show as well. The epicness begins July 1st!!!! TUNE IN!


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