The World Of Knight Rider

The years were 1984-1986. I was aging fast in my youth, and loved watching action packed TV shows, especially one very iconic show that featured a talking car. Yes That’s right I’m referring to Knight Rider. By this time the first two seasons of the show were in reruns whilst the third and fourth seasons were on air at NBC. I mainly remember the fourth season as I was six years old at the time and loved everything about Knight Rider. I truly enjoyed seeing the Turbo Boosting and the Ski Mode stuff and the overall stories. I always invisioned myself as David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight in K.I.T.T. There was just something truly awesome and outstanding to the show. Ther was action, adventure, suspense, romance, comedy, and so much more. My favorite episode if I HAD to choose just one would have been from season 4 “Scent Of Roses” which I think should have been the series’ finale, but it wasn’t. Anyway they really took all the main characters in this episode to the limits of the Knight Rider potential. Even now as an adult I can pop in a DVD of KR and watch it over and over. Not just that episode but most of them, my favorites were the continuity episodes. Like Goliath and Goliath Returns. As most people know from listening to The TFG1 Podcast I love my continuing storylines more then one shot episodes. The overall feel of the show was exciting and intriguing all at the same time. I actually met David Hasselhoff and Sat in KITT when Knight Rider came to the Bayside Expo Center in Boston Massachusetts in 1986. See pictures below:

On the KITT image I remember being there so vividly that it seems like it was yesterday. I remember telling the lady no no I don’t wanna turn to face the camera I wanna drive the car. I eventually got coaxed into turning towards the camera and the above image is what happened. As far as meeting David Hasselhoff it was AWESOME. He was so nice a very cool, before I even posed for the picture I gave him the iconic thumbs up sign and he said that’s what we’re doing for the picture buddy. It was an experience that I’ll never forget, and cemented myself in my Knight Rider Fandom. You can’t see my t-shirt in the pic with David but it was a knight rider shirt. Also when I was a kid I had the Knight Rider lunchbox, well I dunno where that is but I do still have the thermos:

And I recently got 2 replica license plates from eBay from Knight Rider:

I did get the original season DVD sets but when I heard about the Complete Series set coming out from I just had to have it. I also go a FREE DVD copy of the 2008 Knight Rider Pilot film from fye. Here are some pics of the Complete Series Set:

I so love this set it includes all the episodes and all the features from the season sets. Plus they’re restored on 24 single sided discs whereas the season sets had them on dual layer discs which are easy to scratch.

Now looking ahead to 2008 and the pilot film at first I was excited and skeptical all at the same time. #1 because I wasn’t sure how they were gonna pull it off and #2 because they were using a Mustang instead of the iconic TransAm. However after seeing it on NBC then getting the free DVD mentioned earlier I love what they did with the mythology. The fact that they are bridging the gaps between the 80’s series and this one is awesome. Even though I enhoyed the 1990 tv reunion movie Knight Rider 2000, KITT should never be RED!! With the eventual TV series that came out of this pilot it had it’s ups and downs. It got wayyy better around Episodes 10-13. Episode 12 is where KARR returned and Peter Cullen returned as the voice of a darker black mustang then KITT is. Even though it was only on screen for a maximum of 4 minutes it was still awesome to see. Even though the new series is most likely cancelled I’m still very glad we had it. It was great seeing Knight Rider on television again. I didn’t mention this earlier but David Hasselhoff reprises the Michael Knight role in the pilot film which was cool.

So in closing I’ll always been a Knight Rider fan no matter what anyone says. The Original Series and the new series are very cool to have and that big box complete series set is awesome. That’s my opinion on the world of knight rider.


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