Transformers Collecting Part 1

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved Transformers. I loved watch G1 on TV and getting the toys. While I don’t really remember having a lot of the 80’s G1 toys… I remember wanting alot of them. I still have yet to get the Constructicons Giftset, and now that I’m grown up…. well er…. uh…. 29 years old I’ve reacquired my childhood collection of Generation 1 toys. As well as I’ve started collecting other TF toylines. Currently I have 3 figures from Botcon 2008, I had the rest but resold them to get some extra cash. I have G1 Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Blaster, Astrotrain (Original & Tru Reissue), Blitzwing, Hot Rod, and eHobby Movie Accurate Galvatron. Here are some pics of the collection from when I was at my 1 bedroom apartment earlier in 2008:
Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass Evil Autobot Rodimus Robot Mode Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass Evil Autobot Rodimus Car Mode G1 Optimus Prime

Collecting has been awesome even though nowadays I’ve toned it down quite a bit. I love having these figures again. I must admit I was very against Transformers Animated at first, but now that I have the DVD’s and have started collecting the toys this show is awesome. It’s currently in Season 3 and every episode has been excellent. Well with the exception of “Three’s A Crowd” I didn’t like that one too much. In watching this cartoon and seing YouTube video reviews of TFA figures I’ve gone out and bought a few. Here’s the list of what I have:

Leader Class Magnus
Voyager Purple Shockwave (Target Exclusive)


Elite Guard Bumblebee (2)
Elite Guard Jazz (2)
Elite Guard Blurr (2)
Soundwave…. I’m not wasting my $ on a second 1.

The reason why I bought 2 of each of the EG figures is because for me they are extremely difficult to transform…. so I have 1 in Alt Mode & 1 in Robot mode. As much as I hated the animation of the series at first now that I have the DVD’s and have watched them I must say Transformers: Animated has grown on me. However Beast Machines kicks it’s ass.

Take a look at the pics:
TFA- Leader Class Ultra Magnus Autobot Jazz TFA Toys

I’ll eventually post more of the entire colection once I get better shelving up in the second bedroom and a better camera damn iPhone 2G!!. But truly I love Transformers… I missed out on the Beast Wars and Beast Machines toys, but really don’t want them. I’m not a true completeionist like some people I know (PBM) hahahahahahaahahaha


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