The Awesomeness That Is Beast Machines: Transformers

Beast Machines

I’ve known about Beast Wars (BW) and Beast Machines since they aired in 1996 and 1999 respectively. However just recently I was able to acquire Beast Machines (BM). I’ve watch the entire four disc DVD set in the last 2 days, and THIS SERIES IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!! It doesn’t feel like a cartoon it feels like a 26 episode movie. The storylines connect every episode, there are no “one shot” episodes. I most likely should have waited to watch these cartoons as Beast Wars preceeded them, however at the time I was unable to acquire the Beast Wars DVD’s at a price I could afford at this time. So BM is totally awesome, my 3 favorite characters are Cheetor, RatTrap, and SilverBolt. Well Silverbolt’s spark is eventually released from it’s prison inside Jetstorm. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed and been chilled to the bone as much as this series has made me feel. The animation is top notch, the story is awesome, the comedic bits are great, and the evil that is Megatron is uncontrollable and bone chilling. I’m so gonna have to get the BW DVD’s and watch it from the beginning. These creators have done an excellent job bridging the gap between the Beast Wars Series and Transformers Generation 1. I truly believe that after watching BM that it is the BEST Transformers cartoon EVER! That’s not to say that Generation 1 wasn’t good I love my G1 cartoons, but Beast Machines takes it to a whole new level. Also I think that Beast Wars is an awesome cartoon as well as Transformers: Animated. However right now I’m on a BM kick, and I can’t stop praising this Series. I do remember as a 16-17 year old transformers fan watching select episodes of Beast Wars and even then my favorite character was Cheetor. I like how they made him grow up throughout the 2 cartoons. The voice cast for both shows just rocks. As much as I’m all for Peter Cullen playing Optimus Prime always, but Gary Chalk was an awesome choice as Optimus Primal/Optimal Optimus. As far as David Kaye playing Megatron WOW!!! It’s very dark and very much more evil then Frank Welker played him in G1. As far as Cheetor I see him as the Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime of the Beast Series. Ian James Corlett who was the voice actor for Cheetor totally kicked ass in the role. My friend and cohost of the podcasts I do Steven C. Phillips can mimick Kaye’s Megatron perfectly, which I think is totally awesome. Even though the series is only 26 episodes as I said before it feels like 1 long movie and that is just totally cool. When Steve and I get to the Beast Machines coverage in The BEast Unleashed Podcast I seriously doubt I’ll be objective and or have 1 bad thing to say about Beast Machines.


2 thoughts on “The Awesomeness That Is Beast Machines: Transformers

  1. You’ll have to warn Steve ahead of time that he’ll have to be the objective one in the Podcast. Maybe even play Devil’s Advocate to your Smitten Schoolgirl. 😉


    1. oh I already told him lol he said that because I’d finally got a Beast DVD set and was watching it he went back and started watching it too….. The Beast Unleashed Podcast might be coming sooner then DEcember 2009 lol depending if I can get my hands on the BW DVD’s… it’s a matter of $$ not finding them. Of course if I could sell some of these copies of my first book of poetry I’d have extra $$ damnit

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