The State Of Television

I was born in the year 1980, so I grew up with 80’s TV. Stuff like Knight Rider The A-Team, Airwolf, Family Ties, The Cosby Show, ALF, and more. These shows are enstilled in nthe recesses of my mind as totally awesome excellent Television shows. As the 80’s faded and most of the above mentioned programming faded with it the 90’s came upon me. With shows like Diagnosis Murder, Full House, Early Edition, Walker Texas Ranger, Pacific Blue, Martial Law, Nash Bridges (my #1 fav cop show of that era), Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and so many more that defined the 90’s just like the TV of the 80’s defined that era. As the 90’s faded away into a new melennium the advent of “reality” Television was upon us. With shows like Survivor, Big Brother, Paradise Hotel 1 & 2, and so many more “reality” TV took over. I know I’m gonna get comments for not mentioning American Idol, but other then the first year with Kelly Clarkson winning I HATE that fucking show. Along with “reality” tv has come a ton of new shows in the 2000’s. Such as 24, The Shield (my#1 cop show of that era) Gossip Girl, Smallville, Fastlane, Boston Public, The O.C., North Shore, and many more It seems to me that over the last three decades Television has drastically changed. With that change has also come how we as a population get our TV, there are multiple outlets to get programming on the go, whether that be Hulu, iTunes, or something similar. It’s almost like TV aint TV anymore. Even though I watch my tv constantly and I do have several TV shows in my iTunes library I prefer to watch TV on a damn TV. Also with the coming of age digital content comes DVR Digital Video Recorder. I’m a true fan of this because even though DVR is almost like online content mean that you can record something and watch it whenever you want, a DVR takes the place of a VCR. Whereas the content is digitally recorded instead of messing around with a bunch of video cassettes. Most people under 20 years old these days have no knowlege of what Videocassette, BETA tape, 8 track tape, record, or CD is. Because both visually and musically content has gone digital. I myself have some CD’s still, but not nearly as many as I used to. I love getting my music digitally through iTunes. However I’m getting off the topic.

Another great invention of the 21st century is Television on DVD. I’m a huge fan of this and my TV On DVD collection has been steadily growing since 2005. I think it’s a super way to have the shows of yesteryear permanately on DVD to watch whenever we want to relive the awesome memories that said shows instilled in us. Also I found an awesome website that gives news and reviews on TV Shows on DVD that website oddly enough is Gord Lacey the webmaster and David Lambert the News Director do a superb job at reporting TVDVD news when it happens. They don’t subject their readers with rumors or falsehoods, just plain facts. If I had to add up all my TVShowsOnDVD I’d say I have over 50 DVD sets and more then 75 TV Shows.

So in conclusion to summerize I do think the state of  television has dramatically changed since I was growing up. Whether that’s good or bad I dunno, I’m not one who likes change, but still everyone has to go along with the times. That’s why TVOnDVD is such an awesome concept. Because if I had the chance I could make my own Television Network with the classic shows I love.


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