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I can’t remember exactly when I started listening to podcasts, but I think it was early 2008. I got into this because I have a radio morning show that I’ve been listening to since I was born. It’s Loren & Wally on Boston’s 105.7 WROR. that’s what the call letters are now when I was growing up it was WVBF. I found their podcast of the day recapping the best moments of that days’ show. After that I starrted searching iTunes for podcasts that were geared towards interests I have. Like The DC Animated Universe cartoons and Transformers. I found World’s Finest Podcast (WFP) and Transformers Week In Review (TFWIRE). I then searched more and more for things I wanted to hear people talk about. Through TFWIRE I found This Week in Geek (TWIG) and not sure how I found All Things Transformers but I became a fan of that show which I now cohost with my friend Steve/Megatron. In late 2008 I’d say around November taking a large cue from WFP and created my own Podcast entitled The TFG1 Podcast. This was a huge undertaking for me as #1 I’ve never recorded my own voice on air before. Oh sure I’ve been on a few radio shows and even toured a few radio stations before. But podcasting is the NEW Radio. I didn’t realize that when I was listening to podcasts that they were produced by people like me. The everyman so to speak I thought that podcasting was internet radio much like streamline brodcast radio is. So with TFG1 my directive and objective was to get through the entire Transformers Generation 1 cartoon reviewing every episode and going over every minor detail. So far I’ve gotten through 2 Seasons and 14 regular podcast episodes with 6 supplemental episodes on other subjects then Transformers. As well as being on Episodes 9-21 of All Things Transformers. My podcasting future is ever expanding right now I have four podcasts that I’ll be starting before the end of 2009. Those are ToonCast, Moview Week In Review (MWIRE), The Beast Unleashed Podcast (TBUP), and The GeekCast Radio Podcast. I’m super excited to be doing these podcasts and I’m hoping with me expanding my discussions to stuff beyond Transformers that people will want to listen.


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