Fast Food NO Longer Fast Food!

Last night I had a craving for KFC and some Disney movies well after getting myself ready to go out and everything I went to the KFC across the street from my apartment. Well I get to the place and then end up standing in line for about 15 minutes while an old geezer argues the fact that KFC either has or doesn’t have naked chicken. Meaning that there’s no skin on it. The guy thought that the grilled chicken was skinless, but it isn’t. After that guy got his order the wait continued because the employees would much rather goof off then do their fucking job. I finally am the one that they’re waiting on I place my order and then wait another 15-20 minutes. So overall I have spent close to 45 minutes at KFC on a fucking to go order. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!! I thought that Kentucky Fried Chicken was supposed to be a “fast food” place. I could have walked the 2 miles from my apartment to Applebees and got food faster then I did at this fucking KFC. This really makes me very angry because it seems that any fast food joint these days are trying to be gourmet restaurant. Where the fuck are the fast food joints that serve fucking unhealthy fast food! I can’t even type anything more on this without my head exploding.


2 thoughts on “Fast Food NO Longer Fast Food!

  1. Hear, hear! But, if you were looking for fast food, KFC had to be the worst choice! I used to work at one and the chicken just takes ages to cook, and only lasts two hours so you’re likely to go in there and need to wait for the fresh food to finish cooking. But I don’t doubt the employees were goofing around, that seems to happen everywhere.

    1. hahahaha yeah well the only thing I was waiting on was the wedges but these people were just not paying attention to anyone. After I’d been waiting a older couple who are with grandchildren come in and are waiting on even getting their order taken! And to repond to chosing KFC I wanted wedges and biscuits!

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