Hello world!

Let’s see to start out my name’s Mike Blanchard. I’m originally from Massachusetts but live in Louisville KY now. I grew up a DIE HARD  Red Sox Fan and am still to this day. I’m 29 years old and a geek about many things. I’d have to say that the #1 geek thing in my life is Transformers, I’ve been a fan since I was four years old. I grew up on The G1 series then found Beast Wars and Beast Machines. I’ve been hosting several podcasts since December 2008. I’m really enjoying doing that currently the shows I host and cohost are The TFG1 Podcast and All Things Transformers. In July my friend Steve/Megatron of www.predaconempire.com and I are starting up The MWIRE: Movie Week In Review. That will be a genre spanning movie review podcast.  We are also launching a new podcast network website at www.geekcastradio.com So that’s gonna be huge and I can’t wait to get into the other podcasts we’ll be doing…. The Beast Unleashed Podcast which is a review style podcsat covering the Beast Wars and Beast Machines cartoons. I’m also starting ToonCast in august which will be a discussion type thinking back on cassic cartoons I watched as a kid. I also love watching TV and playing videogames. I think that’s all for now but hey thanks for stopping by.


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